Gentlemen and ladies, the JAMB cutoffs have nothing to do with public schools, they were meant to ensure private schools that admitted without JAMB scores stop.

The new policy gives schools leverage to determine their minimum from 120 to any figure. So, OAU could decide to make 250 its cutoff.

What this is to achieve is to ensure that anyone without a score of 120 won’t be admitted into any university in Nigeria. Before now, private schools simply admitted whoever had the money to pay.

This policy doesn’t affect standards of education or its quality since it’s not about curriculum but about access. Accessible education can’t be a problem to any nation. In any case, post UME has been reintroduced.

Meanwhile, schools abroad hardly conduct exams like JAMB, you do entry exam of the institution based on Olevel requirements. Most don’t even do any entry exams, yet, we all crave for their education.

We are a complex and mostly difficult people.

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